Motivational Speaker

Team Building and Inspiring Leadership

Besides being a top sports coach, Shane McLeod is also a gifted motivational speaker. He delivers inspiring presentations for a wide audience. He also runs engaging team building workshops with business teams.

Key presentation themes include Team building, Goal setting and Inspiring Leadership. As a motivational speaker, Shane shares his expertise and insights from the angle of the sporting world through the team’s rise to success.

Organising an event and want to infuse some motivation and excitement ? Then incorporating a slot with Shane McLeod is the perfect choice to get the job done. Shane is an individual who made his team excel. He successfully represented Belgium on the Olympic stage. Then he turned his team into the World Champions. As a motivational speaker, he can also boost team spirit in your organisation. And in workshops, he provides practical insights how to proceed on the path leading to success.

Inspiring presentations and motivational workshops

Just a few of the options :

  • Keynote speaker (typically 45min-1hour)
  • Motivational Session (1-2 hours)
  • Team building workshop (half day to full day)
  • Or a tailor-made program, aligned with the theme and objectives of your team building, business meeting or off-site